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Expert warns latest Ginnie Mae regs aren’t improving FHA and VA pricing as intended

Earlier this year, Ginnie Mae announced that it was launching an investigation into mortgage lenders who were aggressively targeting service members and military veterans for quick and potentially risky refinances of their mortgages.

And, last month Ginnie Mae started getting the word out that it is actively monitoring the pooling activity of issuers to identify behavior that violates the latest changes to issuer policies…..


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[VIDEO] House and Senate align on tax provisions that may reduce homeownership

In the middle of the night on Friday, the Senate passed a bill to completely overhaul the current tax system. Now, the House and the Senate will have to come to come to an agreement about which tax bill to send to the president’s desk.

The House passed its tax reform bill back in the middle of November.

But experts argue that while the House and the Senate will need to compromise on which version of tax reform to send to the president’s desk, they pointed out both bills are aligned on provisions that take away homeownership incentives…..

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Boomers versus millennials creates housing shortage

With the aging of America comes word about a recent phenomenon in the housing market on which it’s worth shedding light. The same generation that oversaw the largest residential real estate expansion in history, the baby boomers, have become the baby “blockers.”

They’re not letting millennials in to their homes, that is.

It’s not new news that there is a shortage of housing stock for first-time homeowners, especially millennials. As the largest demographic group in America seeks to put down roots, they are finding a shortage of affordable properties that hasn’t been seen in generations….

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New home sales plummet more than 11% in April

New home sales plummeted from last month, however the level of housing inventory showed improvement, according to a joint release from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Sales of new single-family homes in April came in at a seasonally adjusted rate of 569,000 sales, a decrease of 11.4% from last month’s 642,000 sales. However, this is up 0.5% from last year’s 566,000 sales.

Brent Nyitray, iServe Residential Lending director of capital markets, pointed out in his note to clients that new home sales are still lagging behind population growth….

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